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Mr. Arvind D. Macwan, Executive Engineer R & B (P) division Kheda District retired.


Mr. Arvind Engineer (short name A. D . Macwan from New Ravikunj Society, Anand) retired from R & B (P) Division, Kheda –Nadiad, Gujarat Government on 31st March 2012.   He served as an Executive Engineer for about 34 years in Roads & Building Dep’t. of theGujaratGovernment. He was the first Christian who became an Executive Engineer in the history of Kheda District. His Farewell function was organized by  Panchayat R & B Div. staff at Hotel Tulsi Garden, Nadiad, Mr. Sangle an I.A.S. Officer, The D.D.O was the President of the program and Mr. Pargi I.A.S was the Chief  Guest on the occasion.  During the Presidential speech Mr. Sangle spoke that  Shri Macwan got retired  after long serving years without any adverse remark  and for that I congratulate him.  He is very positive person, for this I congratulate to his father and his wife too.  The Collector, Shri Pargi has also informed that Shri Macwan, is a very positive person and has always responded well.  He also added that the district administration will definitely feel his absence. Dr. Jayant Macwan fromSanjivniHospital, Anand elder brother of  Shri Arvind Macwan rose to the occasion and described his  younger brother as his roll model.  Dr.  Gohil the Civil Surgeon also expressed his concern voiced that he will also miss his companion.  In his speech Shri Arvindbhai has given full credit to his father, mother, brothers, sisters and the higher officers and colleagues and other subordinates as well. The dignitaries like  Addl Collector, Prant Officer, Dy. DDOs and other Dist. Officers were present. The function was made successful by Mr Bhatt, Dy. Ex. Engineer and his team. All the Contractors and the staff members were present and expressed their concern and said “we will miss him” Congratulations to Shri Arvindbhai and his family.   I also found Shri Arvindbhai is very gentle person and I also congratulate him on his retirement.  
News by Kanubhai Parmar, Anand

પાધરિયાની પ્રજાના પ્રશ્નો – પાધરિયાની પ્રજાનું પ્રશંસાપાત્ર પગલું – પાલિકાનું પ્રયત્ન પણ

આણંદ નગરપાલિકાની હદમાં આવેલા પાધરિયા વિસ્તારમાં વસતા લોકો વેરા તો બધા જ ભરે છે પણ સુવિધા-રાહતમાં વારો નથી આવતો. નગરપાલિકાના આ ઓરમાયા વ્યવહારના વિરોધ માટે અને પ્રશ્નોના ઉકેલ માટે ત્યાંના રહીશોએ વિશાળ મૌન રેલીનું સફળતાપૂર્વક આયોજન કર્યું હતું. આ આંદોલનના પ્રણેતા અને ભાગ લેનારા બધા જ અભિનંદનને પાત્ર છે. હવે આરંભે શૂરા જેવું ના રહી આ આંદોલનના સફળ પરિણામ સુધી લડતા રહેશો એવી અપેક્ષા. ઈશ્વર આપના આ કાર્યમાં સહાય કરે એવી પ્રાર્થના.   

દિવ્ય ભાસ્કરમાં આવેલો અહેવાલ વાંચો.



Dr. Derick J. Christian, M.D. specialize in liver and pancreatic surgery.

Dr. Derick J. Christian, son of Late Mrs. Bakulaben Christian and Mr. Justin Christian of Jersey City, New Jersey is one of the few surgeon who specializes in liver and pancreatic surgery. He Joined Saint Peter’s University Hospital in November 2011. His inverview is published in the April 2012 issue of “Middlesex health & Life” published by Saint Peter’s Healthcare System of New Jersey. We are all so proud of his achievement. We have seen him growing up. Congratulations to him and his family. May God bless him and his family.   

Mr. Shantilal Daniel Parmar of Anand, passed away on April 01, 2012.

Mr. Shantilal Daniel Parmar from 4-Jeevan Deep Society, St. Xavier’s School Road, Anand, passed away on April 01, 2012. He was MA, LLB and worked as an officer in Union Bank of India till he retired form it on October 31, 2011. His daughter Ria, M.Sc. got married on December 28, 2011. But soon after that cancer was detected and he was admitted to the hospital. He took his last breath at the Gujarat Cancer Institute in Ahmedabad. He was very active in church activities. He was busy in creating corpus for Catholic children along with the Parish priest of Anand Fr. Abert Delgardo.  
He is survived by his wife Madhuben (sister of well-known Gujarati Catholic community leader and businessman Mr. Vijay Kalyanbhai Parmar), daughter Ria and son Shramik (Netherland). May God rest him in peace and give comfort to his family.