Family – પરિવારવૃત્ત

Joseph B. Parmar & Sushila J. Parmar
My mom & dad have been married for the last 51 years. On 10/23/04 we celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary at Royal Albert’s Palace. My father is writing a column called “Social Darpan” in “Gujarat Darpan” a Gujarati monthly magazine published from Isline, New Jersey.
 I am married to my wife Clera since 1985. We have only one son Rodney, he is 18 years old and just graduated on 06/21/07 from Woodbridge High School.
 Clera Christian  Jagadish & Clera Christian
 Jagadish & Clera Christian  Clera & Rodney Christian
 Clera , Jagadish & Rodney Christian  Rodney Christian

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