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All public Masses throughout the Diocese of Metuchen are temporarily suspended from March 18, 2020. Despite the suspension of public Masses, private Mass will be celebrated daily at 7 a.m. and Sunday at 10:30 a.m. in the Cathedral of Saint Francis of Assisi and can be viewed at that time on their website:

We are carry it live………………………….

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  1. LINUS – Lived In(for) Universal Service.
    It was 2009. I was selected by NFTE, New York,(Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship) for an Award of “Teacher of the Year 2009”
    I was thrilled to get the news. They have booked room in a hotel Marriott, at Manhatan. I wished to stay some more days to visit places. The first question was where to stay for a couple of days in unknown place, far from India.
    A gentlemen suggested me a name – Linus, where I get place to stay. I contacted him and got a reply – welcome. I did not know him and there was doubt and fear too. I had inquired about him and I had come to know that he looks like a good man.
    I reached New York – Hotel Marriott. I saw from window the view Time Square, a well know place of the world. 3 days stay at Hotel, I went to Edison and spent one night. From Edison Siraj & Fouzia came to reached me at Brooklyn. I saw Linus, 76 year old, but a young man, full of life, pleasant nature. The family welcome me and gave a place to stay.
    Soon Linus became my good friend. He narrated his history. I found him like an angle ever ready to help others. He struggled in his life but made the people happy. He lived for others. He did not have enemy. He never complained for anything and took it as normal thing. Even his wife asked for divorce and he agreed and never complained. Though both of them sit to-gather for lunch at senior citizen hall and talk.
    Nevil, an unemployed youth was staying there. One morning Linus was asking him to search for a job and he was giving unsatisfactory answers. Linus gave me one dollar to buy news paper. I bought from nearby shop and gave him. He found two three job requirements and asked Nevil to phone. Again he told no money to call. Lines gave his cell phone to call. When one place did not receive phone, Linus took the address, took out his car and told Nevil to go to the place. He also took me with them. We were searching the place. Finally we got the place. Nevil contacted the owner and fixed his job. We left at 9 am and reached home at 3 pm.
    When I have to leave NY, I was planning how to reach Air port. Linus told me not to worry; he is going to reach me at Airport. He came to leave me at Air port. He was requesting me to stay some more days.
    When Pravinbhai came to know about me, he was very happy and took my pictures and he gave the news in their magazine. He offered me dinner. I was reached home at 10 pm and his wife was waiting for us and prepared hot chappati for me. He took me to visit a mole, I bought a pair of shoes for my daughter. Pravinbhai paid the bill and told me that it was gift to my daughter from him. During my last hours of departure they have packed my bags and weighted properly. Even they arranged my travelling from Ahmedabad to Baroda.
    When I was leaving the Taylor’s house, there were tears in our eyes. I did not cry when I was leaving my own wife and children.
    Linus will be always in my heart. I am sure God has given him place beside him.
    I also pray for Pravinbhai and his family. May Bless them with healthy and long life to sever the people – to walk more and more on Jesus Path.
    Joseph Pius – Hom. Director, Snehdeep

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