The welcome of Bishop Rathnaswamy by GCPC, Canada was held on March 1st, at St. David’s Catholic Church, Maple, Ontario.

Bishop Rathnaswamy of Ahmedabad arrived at L.B. Pearson airport of Toronto on Feb 27th, and was welcomed by several members of the community at the airport. This is his first visit to Canada. He participated and addressed people at St. David’s Dinner and Dance event, held on Feb 29, which is an yearly fundraising event for the sister parish of St. Joseph Parish of Tarapur, Gujarat. This is the seventh year of the event.
Bishop Rathnaswamy of Ahmedabad arrived at L.B. Pearson airport of Toronto on Feb 27, 2020

The welcome of Bishop Rathnaswamy by Gujarati Catholic Parivar of Canada(GCPC) was held on March 1st, at St. David’s Catholic Church, Maple, Ontario. The procession began at 3:00 pm with Knights of Columbus, Alter servers, readers, and offertory participants. The solemn mass was concelebrated by Rev. Bishop Rathnaswamy of Ahmedabad, Fr. Ernesto Da Cicio(the parish priest), Fr. Lijo, Fr. Paul and Fr. Mani. At the end of the mass, there was a group photo session with the congregation. There were about 100 members present. Large number of students participated in the event. The choir, offertory procession, prayers during the mass were organized by Malti Macwan.

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After the Eucharistic celebration, Bishop was then welcomed to the church basement hall with music and flower girls in a procession. The ceremony in the basement hall began with national anthem of India, and Canada;  welcoming all dignitaries with bouquet, brief introduction of Bishop by Jayesh Macwan, and addressing of the audience by Fr. Ernie, Fr. Mani, and  by Rev. Bishop. Bishop saheb was impressed by the large number of members present inspite of the cold weather and Sunday evening .


Gaura Macwan provided with a brief information of GCPC,  it’s role in welcoming/assisting new students, visitors, and priests from India and other countries and activities for the community members such as Gujarati mass and get together for Christmas and Easter, picnic, BBQ, Mother’s day and Father’s day celebrations throughout the year. Komal Gandhi and Sunil Vania were the MC s for the evening. After the cake cutting ceremony and refreshments, there were felicitations of the new comers to Canada with flowers , of outgoing committee members and of new committee members by Bishop saheb.  All attending families  and students were then provided with photo opportunity with Rev. Bishop.


There were entertainment events including children’s dance, older children’s dance, adult dance, piano recital, and song presentation by various community members. Bishop saheb went to each and every table meeting and greeting each and every community member present.


The event concluded by 9.00 pm with delicious Indian dinner and vote of thanks by Sunita Francis.


Report and Pictures: Sunita Francis. Few pictures from Vada Martinez (FB)

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