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Fr. Vijay Dsouza has created a new blog to help and support the youth of Gujarat – GJYM

Fr. Vijay Dsouza of Ashadeep Human Development Center is working with youth of Gujarat to guide, support and prepare them a strong, ambitious and successful youth. Technology is an important part of  life in today’s world and specially when working with today’s youth. So Fr. Vijay has started a new blog where lots of information is shared to help the youth of Gujarat and beyond. Please click on the below picture to visit the blog. The link is added in the sidebar of this website’s blogroll for your easy access.


Click on the picture to visit the blog.
Click on the picture to visit the blog.

GJYM is also very active on  FACEBOOK.

Click here to visit and join GJYM on FACEBOOK


Congratulations to Fr. Vijay Dsouza and we wish him all the best.

You can always count on us for our support.