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Please join us for Christmas Carol singing tour 2014 by Gujarati Catholic Samaj of USA.

Gujarati Catholic Samaj of USA has organized Christmas Carol Program for the last several years. The tradition and festivity continues this year too. Our Christmas Carol singing tour is schedule for Saturday, December 13, 2014. Please note as always we would like to visit each every member’s home provided their availability. Please join us from the beginning point or join at any point of the route. Please find below the complete route with respective addresses.


Starting point: Clera & Jagadish Christian – 144 Strawberry Hill Avenue, Woodbridge, NJ 07095 @ 9:30AM


Lunch courtesy of Mrs. Kokila Russell – 1639 West 4th Street, Piscataway, NJ 08854 @ around 1:30PM


Ending point: Roma & Rakesh Macwan – 81 Jefferson Avenue, Apt#2 Jersey City, 07306 @ around 7:00PM


ચા-પાણી અને નાસ્તામાં ઘણો સમય થતો હોય છે. તો આપ સૌને આગ્રહભરી વિનંતી છે કે મહેરબાની ચા-પાણી-નાસ્તાની આપણી સહજ અને પ્રેમાળ પ્રણાલીને ટાળો તો ઘણું સારું. આ પ્રવાસમાં જોડાયેલા સૌના સમયની કિંમત સમજીને આ આગ્રહ જતો કરો તો ઘણો આભાર. અને છતાં પણ તમારી ઇચ્છાને ના રોકી શકતા હો તો અગાઉથી તૈયારી રાખી ઝડપથી આટોપવાનો પ્રયત્ન કરશો એવી વિનંતી.

Please click on it if you have trouble reading.
Please click on it if you have trouble reading.


Indian Christian Federation of Midwest Presents – Christmas Dhamaka 2014 (1st time in Chicago)

Indian Christian Federation of Midwest Presents


Christmas Dhamaka 2014 (1st time in Chicago)


Garba, Dandia-Raas and Local Bollywood singers on Saturday, December 6, 2014 @ 6:30 pm at Levy Center, 300 Dodge Avenue, Evanston 60202.


Please note seats are limited and reserved for those who have sent their donation/check in advance.


See below flyer for more information.


Provided by Mr. Babu Varma.

Please mark your calendar(s) and be sure to attend our Christmas celebration – GCSofUSA


If anyone wants to perform or participate in the entertainment program!
Please send us an email with details to: executives@gcsofusa.org
All the events of Gujarati Catholic Samaj of USA are always without any entrance fees. We always find sponsors to finance any and all events.
Please send us an email if you are interested in a sponsorship for this event : executives@gcsofusa.org


નાતાલની ઉજવણી ૨૦૧૨ – આણંદ, નડીયાદ અને આજુબાજુ

2012 Christmas message by Fr. Joseph, Vice Principal. St. Xavier’s High School, Gamdi, Anand


2012 Christmas message by Mr. Chandravadan Macwan



Christmas 2012 celebration in Anand and around



Christmas 2012 in pictures from Anand and Around.

Provided by Kanubhai Parmar, Anand.