“Glory of Gujarat” award presented to Dr. Sr. Scholastica Apian. Congratulations.

The Governor of Gujarat honorable Shree Om Prakash Kohli presented ‘Glory of Gujarat’ awards for the year 2016, to the people who made special contribution in social, cultural, medical and industrial sectors. The award ceremony was organized by Indian Council of Social Welfare, held at Rajbhavan in Gandhinagar on Saturday, January 21, 2017.
Dr. Sr. Scholastica Apian was one of the recipients of the “Glory of Gujarat” award for her medical services for poor and needy patients.
Congratulations to Dr. Sr. Scholastica Apian for her outstanding services. She is an elder sister of Mr. Anton Macwan (Ahmedabad) and she is a maternal aunt of Dr. Vijay and Dr. Prakash Roy (USA).

One thought on ““Glory of Gujarat” award presented to Dr. Sr. Scholastica Apian. Congratulations.”

  1. As I know she was first Lady Dr. of Gujarat Catholic Samaj and in foreign countries too were seved by her. The village of Valasan and one of the old parish of Karamsad is proud of her. Congratulation and good wishes to her.

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