Congratulations to Fr. Vinayak Jadav for successfully defending his PHD Thesis. – Now Dr. Fr. Vinayak Jadav.

Fr.Vinayak Jadav successfully defended his PHD thesis at 1:00PM on July 11, 2013 in the Gujarat University campus, Ahmedabad. He was so good that the professors did not have many questions to ask and the defense was over in just 45 minutes. Moreover they recommended that the thesis be published and eventually to be used as a textbook for the students of Journalism. Congratulations dear Dr.Fr. Vinayak . Surly the scholastics under your care will be inspired to excel in their studies too.
News Provided by Mr. Peter Jadav

8 thoughts on “Congratulations to Fr. Vinayak Jadav for successfully defending his PHD Thesis. – Now Dr. Fr. Vinayak Jadav.”

  1. Congrts. Fr .Vinayak(now Dr.)for achieving this Degree.
    May God bless u in yr mission. With prayers n love from Cyril CTM

  2. Congratulations dear Dr.Fr. Vinayak
    you are an inspiration to all of us. Now you can spread your wings and fly.
    We hope your dreams take you to the most special places your heart has ever known.

  3. Great!! Heartily Congratulations to Dr. Fr. Vinayak. We are proud of you dear!! Great work!!

  4. Mr. Solomon Christian asked me add his comment as he was not able to post it.

    “This is a proud moment for Gujarati Christian Samaj. My heartiest congratulation to Dr. Fr. Vinayak Jadav for your accomplishment. After winning the Nobel Peace
    Prize, Laureate Elie Wiesel said, “With this honor I can shout from the mountain top.” Likewise, with this honor you can proclaim the “Good News of the Gospel” from the top of the mountain. Keep up the good work. I like to read your thesis, is it possible to get hold of your thesis?
    Solomon Christian, DDS, FADI
    Memphis, TN USA”

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