Black Lives Matter (Dax) – Dance Cover: Jaffy Shinu Jeevaraj

Black Lives Matter (Dax) – Dance Cover: Jaffy Shinu Jeevaraj.

Yesterday June 13, 2020 was a birthday of Jaffy Shinu Jeevaraj. Wish you a very happy birthday Jaffy. Instead of getting a birthday gift she gifted a nice Bharatanatyam dance dedicating to “Black Lives Matter” movement. Racism is a cancer in our society and it has to be removed permanently. We must not judge anyone by the race, color of skin, ethnicity, religion or nationality.  

Jaffy is a daughter of Indian Christian immigrant Mr. Jeevaraj and Bobby Jeevaraj. She has been performing from childhood and is taking classes for Bharatanatyam. Her Bharatanatyam Arangetram was organized on June 29, 2019. Please support her by watching, sharing this video. Please consider signing multiple petitions to help correct the systemic racism, attending peaceful protests to raise awareness, and donating to organizations that support the BLM movement.

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