We are Proud of you – ગુજરાતી કેથોલિક સમાજના ચાર શિક્ષણ-સિતારાને અભિનંદન.

We are Proud of YOU

A new chapter has begun in the history of our Catholic community education. Four of our energetic, enthusiastic, intelligent, innovative young men have achieved an extra ordinary goal. These four young men have made all of us proud of our high profile in Education and therefore we need to tell them that we are proud of them. We need to tell them that our prayerful support is with them. As principals they will be through their words and action proclaiming that they belong to JESUS. I am sure you will like to know something about them.

1, Mr. Amitabh MacwanM.A., M.Ed. (English): He has been appointed as the Principal of Anand High School at Anand, A well known institution in Milk city. Mr. Amitabh stood at 3rd position in TAT examination in the district of Anand. A man, who was well associated in Youth ministry, received Rashtra Nirman Ratan Award from Economic growth Society,New Delhi. He was the Chairman of Anand Catholic Co. Op. Credit Society, Anand for five years. He is also the editor of “Samajdarshan” (monthly). Above all he is the son of our well known writer late Mr. Joseph Macwan.


2. Mr. Sanjay Vania – M.Sc., M.Ed. (Gold medalist): He has been appointed as the Principal of H. L. Patel High School, Samarkha, Anand. I need not say that he is a hardworking. A well known teacher of St. Xavier’s, Gamdi-Anand Mr. Sanjay has Fifteen years of teaching experience and known for his social nature.


3. Dr. Mahesh Stelin – M.A., M.Ed., Ph.D., B.Music, B.Ed. in Music: He has been appointed as the Principal of I.B. Patel English School (secondary section) Vallabh Vidyanagar.  Dr. Mahesh secured 9th position in TAT exam in Anand district. He has 20 years of teaching experience. I know him as musician. He is very good at Singing, Composing and of course instruments. 


4. Mr. Pradip V. Parmar – M.A., M. Ed.: He has been appointed as the Principal of Sharda High School, Anand. He cleared his TAT exam with flying colors. Seeing his ability in both administration and education the school management asked him to lead the school. He has been teaching inShardaSchool since 1995.  

Kudos to you and we all in the diocese of Ahmedabad wish that many more of our young men and women follow your footsteps.
Fr. Titus DeCosta

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  1. I am so glad to know this! Many congratulations to all of you guys! You all have set a great example for the youth.

  2. Congrats to all these young men now principals of known high schools. For them TAT is over and the real TAT begins now! They should shine as real educators and not mere administrators. In order to acquire this qualification they should cultivate the daily habit of reading without which they will remain shallow and superficial. Amit should immitate his father Joseph Macwan in this. Fr William sj

  3. My Hearty Congratulations to you all on your appointments. I wish you all the best. I am sure that you will do well. May this be an inspiration to all young people! May God bless you and give you His strength and courage to do the right things!

  4. Heartily Congratulations to all..May Almighty God Bless all of u in your new assignment.
    with prayers and love ,
    Cyril Macwan CTM

  5. I am very happy to know that All are appoint as well known school Principal…………In our society School Princial is the right of only for Fathers & Sisters, if they are qualify or not……………Any way I congrets to All of them……………Do your duty best & proove yourself as a good Administrater………….
    Christian John G.
    Principal, U.B.Vidhyalaya, Devgadh Ta. Mandvi
    Dt. Surat.

  6. Congratulation. More Feathers are added in our community.
    God bless em.
    Good luck all of em.

    Arpit Christian
    CTM, Maninagar

  7. Congratulations to all of you!!! Its your hard work and sincerity that has brought you at this stage! I am so proud of you all, setting an excellent example for our kids!!! I see now that time is not really far when we can see our community members in Parliament…..God Bless us!!!!

  8. heartiest congratulations for the new promotionn assignment as principal of highschool.it is one of the most important milestone of life span. best of luck for new responsibilities!!!

  9. Macwan Nita from USA (chicago) ABHINANDAN ! May God gives you more blessing to perform your new responsibilities .

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