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Sad demise of Mr. Robinson Christian in Ahmedabad.

Mr. Robinson Christian was passed away on March 16, 2017. He is survived by his wife Tarlika Christian and two children, Norma Christian and Terrance Christian. May God rest him peace and grant comfort to Tarlika, Norma, Terrance and their family and friends.

Norma and Terrance Christian
Norma and Terrance Christian

His funeral was held today in Ahmedabad.

Tarlika’s mom and my mom were best friends and we had a very close family relationship. Tarlika was a classmate of my brother Ketan and her older sister Jyoti (mother of Jackson Christian) was my classmate in St. Mary’s High School, Mariampura.

Tarlika and Robinson visited USA during summer of 2014. He was handsome and very pleasant person. May God rest him in peace.