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Mr. Arparn Christian promoted to glory on March 14, 2019, after battling with sickness for the last few weeks.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ
As we all know Arpan Christian promoted to glory on March 14, 2019. Arpan was orphan. He didn’t have any family here or in India.  Canaan Gujarati church is trying to arrange for the funeral. If any of you wants to donate / give money towards this cause (funeral) please do so. If anyone wants to write a check, please write to “ Canaan Gujarati Church “ in memo  “Arpan”
For the donations please contact:
Robin Bhai Rathod is taking care of Jersey City. His phone number is 1(201) 673 0755
Denish Parmar
Rimmy Parmar
Thank you for your support and prayers.
God bless you!
In Christ,
Percy Macwan