Need prayers for injured Fr. Walter D’souza, Fr. John Baptist and three workers.

As you are aware that the slab of the under construction church at Tarapur was collapsed on October 27, 2015. Fr. Walter D’souza, Fr. John Baptist, Rajubhai Ramabhai Parmar, Tinabhai Somabhai and Dashrathbhai Rameshbhai Parmar were injured. They were transferred to Shrey Hospital, Anand.


Fr. Walter suffered a fractured leg and was operated today. Fr. John Baptist suffered shoulder and leg injuries and will be operated tomorrow. Please pray for all of them for speedy recovery.


Mr. Kanubhai Parmar paid a visit to both the priests in Shrey hospital and sent the below video and pictures. Thank you Kanubhai.   


Fr. Walter D'souza20151028-1Fr. John Baptist20151028Fr. Walter D'souza20151028Fr. John Baptist20151028-1

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