Mr. Cyril Macwan is appointed as Joint Coordinaror for western regional Committee, SSVP.



I am pleased to report that President Br. V. M. J. Balaswamy of SSVP, National Council of India has appointed Mr. Cyril Macwan as a Joint Coordinator for Western India Regional Co Ordination Committee. He is appointed for the period of May 01, 2013 to February 27, 2015 to look after Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka States consisting 11 Central Councils for Vincentian activities. Oath taking ceremony was done before National President at Dharward (Karnataka) during WIRC Meeting on Sunday, June 23, 2013. This is an historical event since SSVP’s inception in Gomtipur, Gujarat in 1961. It is praiseworthy that after long 50 years Gujarati is given place in High Power Committee.


We congratulate to Mr. Macwan for his appointment and wish him the best.

5 thoughts on “Mr. Cyril Macwan is appointed as Joint Coordinaror for western regional Committee, SSVP.”

  1. Congratulation Cyrilbhai!
    It’s a historic appointment as a Gujarati Catholic, we proud for you! May God grant you help to go forward to serve the Gujarati Christian Community!

    1. Thanks Joseph Sahib for yr love and best wishes.Pl do remember me in yr daily prayers for my new assignment.

  2. Thanks a lot Dear Jagadish. for yr kind love and prayers and putting the news on web.
    Regards to all at home.


  3. Congratulations, dear Cyrilbhai.
    May Almighty grant you the strength to work for our people!

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