Congratulations to Dr. Madhu Solanki for his new book “Slim Doug Billionaire”

Congratulations to Dr. Madhu Solanki for his new book “Slim Doug Billionaire”

Mr. Madhu Solanki

Dr. Madhu Solanki grew up in a village called Khadana in Gujarat. He attended St. Xavier’s College in Ahmedabad and earned his PHD in 1969. He came to America in 1971 after obtaining his postgraduate degree in Chemical research. He worked with various chemical companies, eventually retiring from Merck/Schering Plough Institute after working as an Information Scientist.

He speaks four languages and considers English to be is second language. He belonged to Toastmasters International. After retirement he decided to write in order to share his life experience with young generation. He has written books in English with some translated into Asian languages. He has recently finished his fourth screenplay. This story was transpired from one of his screenplays. This book is published by Archway Publishing

What would you do if you hit a jackpot? Would you retire, buy a new car, build a penthouse, travel, and buy fancy clothes? See what Douglas Din’s father does after winning a jackpot. He wanted his family to be wealthier. Was it a right decision or wrong? Sudden success draws him to high life, which steers him away from the goal.

Reckless life of luxury ruins his health, and gets into a deep hole. Bad time takes away dad from the family. A dream is broken. A young family of a mom and two kids, Douglas and a baby sister go broke. They have to sell their business and a house to move away. They focus in to education. Mom believes she is not poor or hapless; she proudly says, ‘My children are my wealth.’ Mom teaches them self-discipline and teaches them how to succeed. Children don’t know how many zeros are there in a billion, but dad has already planted in their mind the idea of wealth. After growing up children still wanted to fulfill dad’s dream. They did not understand a thing of business. However, Douglas Din decides secretly to take the challenge step by step with his resolute mind after graduating. He did get quick success but falls in the trap of his rivals and becomes victimized by false legal accusation. Douglas goes to jail. The court case gets complicated. Judge believes you always have to pay price for your good deed. Douglas does not know a thing of law, but one solid thing he has is Truth. Douglas is declared innocent. He is also awarded a large financial reward. See if he continues his dream? Will he rebuild or ruin?

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One thought on “Congratulations to Dr. Madhu Solanki for his new book “Slim Doug Billionaire””

  1. I enjoyed Slim Doug Billionaire very much. It teaches us about
    true values in life . Just having lots of money, assests does not
    bring happiness and contentment. Money is to be helpful to support others that are needful. When we help others in need
    That will bring us satisfaction, happiness and gratitude. Mr.
    Solanki expressed that lesson extremely well in this novel. I
    Am sharing this novel/lesson with my friends and family. Well done Mr. Solanki.

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