Mr. Cyril Macwan needs our prayers for his health and recovery.


Mr. Cyril Macwan of CTM, Ahmedabad recently went to the doctor and MRI test was recommended. The report came out that he has a Cyst in his left brain. He will have to decide about a surgery in near future.


Let us all pray for his health and full recovery. May God grant you speedy recovery.  

13 thoughts on “Mr. Cyril Macwan needs our prayers for his health and recovery.”

  1. Thanks a lot Dear Jagadish for posting my illness news on web.
    By the Grace of Divine Mercy which I visited in Salun on GOOD FRIDAY.
    The N euro Surgeon have a second thought and recommend for N euro Medical EXPERT and 15 days time is given.Let us hope for the better. Thanks once again.
    Praise the Lord.

    Yours sincerely in Arisen Christ,

    CYRIL Uncle CTM

  2. Dear Cyrilbhai,
    Jay Prabhu!
    Our prayer is with you! May our Lord give you quich recovery & good health very soon! -Joseph Parmar

  3. Thanks Joseph Sahib.
    U n yr Son both r doing best for Samaj , church and mankind.
    May Almighty bless u n yr family.
    With Love n regards
    Cyril CTM

  4. Dear Cyrilbhai, i pray for you and our Lord Jesus will gift you a very good health and speedy recovery, god bless you and all yr fly members…vicky macwan.

    1. Yes Arisen Lord helped me and through prayer- channel. My SOS Operation was fixed after Easter ie 2nd April, 2013, is postponed for 15 days and medicines course is going on. Pl do remember me in yr daily prayer once again. Thanks a lot Br.Victor.

      Cyril Macwan,CTM

  5. Dear Cyrilbhai,
    Peace of Christ!
    May the Risen Christ grant you sound health of mind and body and all the graces you need to be truly happy and fulfilled.
    Fr Freddy

    1. Thanks a lot Fr.Freddy 4 remembering me far from America , prayers and love shown towards me. We do remember those days when u used to come at Gomtipur during in early 1970s and then PP Maninagar. By the Grace of Divine Mercy , I am getting well and surgery of Brain( Left) which was on SOS basis is now postponed for 15 days.Medicine course is going on in VS Hospital . Let us hope for the best. Dear Fr.Pl pray for me n my family.Thanks. CYRIL MACWAN CTM

      1. Dear Fr.Freddy,
        Hearty Congratulations for yr priesthood anniversary on 8th April. I do remember those days on 8-4-1978,when u were ordained priest at Bhavnagar to serve the word of God in the Ahmedabad Diocese in Jesuit Province .Our prayers for yr good health and work there.
        With love,

        CYRIL n Family CTM

        1. Dear Cyrilbhai,
          Hope, you are feeling much better and on the road of recovery. Yes, I was ordained a priest in Bhavnagar, not on 08/04/78 but on 26/04/80. Bishop Thomas was ordained a priest at the same venue in April 1988. Thank you for your prayers and good wishes for me. May the Risen Lord grant you sound health of body, mind and spirit!
          Fr Freddy

  6. Cyrilbhai, shall remember you in our daily prayers. May the risen Christ shower his choicest blessings on you. Our prayers are with you.


    1. Thank U dear Christopher and all at home for love and prayers towards me. May God bless u.


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