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Irena Leo – Proud moments for Gujarati Christians and specially GCSofUSA.

Irena Leo – Proud moments for Gujarati Christians and specially GCSofUSA.

First of all please enjoy this video then I will let you know all about this video and her.

There are so many celebrities who started their careers from a small scale and became very big in different field. There are so many actors, singers, musicians and movie producer/director stated their career acting/performing in song video, singing/playing  in commercial jingles, creating small YouTube videos and in few years they become popular and make their way in to main stream. Irena Leo got an opportunity to act and perform in the above video and opened a door for herself. Our best wishes for her future success.  

Irena Leo is a daughter of Mrs. Neela Leo and Eric Leo. Eric Leo is a brother of my Brother Ketan Christian’s wife Ila Christian. Mr. Eric Leo is a treasurer of Gujarati Catholic Samaj of USA. She published the video on the morning of June 28th 2019. Immediately I decided to publish the video with her interview. But it took little time to publish because this little girl was busy being our choreographer for my nephew’s wedding. She choreographed four different songs for four group aging 9 years to 84years. And it was a huge success. Thank you teacher… 

We decided to meet once we are little free from commute, work, practice session and then big wedding, for a formal interview. But it didn’t happened and time was moving at its pace so it was done by phone and even with the help of social media.

Jagadish – Hi Irena beta congratulations to you. I am so proud of you. May God bless you! Though I am aware of your arrival in this country and your growth, I would like you to provide it in short details.

Irena Leo – Thank you very so much Jagadish Uncle. I really appreciate that you are creating a post to publish on your website.

Jagadish – I always admire anyone from Gujarati Christian community who does something better than normal or average. So Please continue…………….

Irena Leo – I came to US with my parents Neela Leo, Eric Leo and my brother Nestor Leo in 2009 right after I completed higher education in commerce in India. I came to US with a heavy heart as I left behind lot of loved ones at the same time with lots of excitement as I was looking forward to a new opportunities, new challenges, new friends and a new world overall. Initially we stayed with my uncle and aunt, Ketan, Ila Christian and their family. I’ll forever be grateful for the love and support I received from them and their family. It was much needed for the time that followed which consisted of a lot of struggle and hard work. We basically had to start building everything from zero.

Jagadish – Yes absolutely, initially its always very difficult but with honest attempt and hard work we can reach the goals and beyond. Sorry that I am asking to describe your struggle, strength, secret, success, passion, pain and pleasure…………..

Irena Leo – I started out with working full time and going to college full time so I can support my family and pursue my career in accounting. At some point I was working 9 am to 5 pm and going to college 6 PM to 9 PM. In the midst of all this I made sure to make time to go to church, attend family/social events. I started performing with my US born cousins on GCSofUSA events and that allowed me to stay connected with my hobby and passion, dancing. Rajbhai suggested me to join the dance school and without wasting any time I auditioned and joined Sonalee Vyas Dance Company. This was a great platform to give wings to my passion. With this platform not only I was performing but I got an opportunity to meet with lot of talented people. I connected with a lot of different groups and talents who shared the same passion.

Jagadish – Wow… would you like to have a sip of water? I think there were lots of mussels, hard work, platform, passion made it all possible. Shall we continue?

Irena Leo – By the time I earned bachelor’s degree I had found a good balance between college and dance life and so I headed forward to pursue Master’s degree in Accounting. Undoubtedly my career was my priority but I also wanted dance to be a part of my life, not only as a passion but to keep healthier lifestyle. Right after I completed my Master’s with hard work and support from my family I was able to find a good work- life balance.

Jagadish – It’s a wonderful testimony. I am sure it will help others to get to their goals and dreams. Now could you please let us know how did you get an opportunity to act and perform in this video?

Irena Leo – Aware of my love for dancing and acting, my lovely friend Komal Vora along with her best friend Vinit Dubey approached me to play the lead female character in a music video for a beautiful melody by a prestigious singer Dr. Utkarsh Shinde to be submitted to T-series, one of the biggest brands out there. Based solely on the trust on my friend and an opportunity to experience something I had never done before I said yes to the project in the blink of an eye. I had an absolute blast working with this team. From creating story-line, deciding costumes, choosing locations to actually shooting the video, every single moment had a story of its own filled with lots of laughter and good times. Couple of my very fond memories were, shooting in about 20 or 15 degree freezing weather in a dress and proposal scene in NYC where we had a huge crowd thinking it was an actual proposal. None of this would have worked out the way it did without sheer dedication and tremendous direction of Vinit Dubey who also happens to be a doctor and an actor, commendable assistance and support from Ekta Soni & Komal Vora, great cinematography by Rayvin Disla and all our friends who became part of this video. On June 28, 2019, “Kabhi Yeh Socha Na Tha” music video went up on T-series and the first emotion I had was “Kabhi Yeh Socha Na Tha”. The positive response to the video was overwhelming. Putting it into words might not justify it.

Jagadish – Very well. So are you open to make a dance and acting as a career or it will be just a part time passion and pleasure?

Irena Leo – This will definitely go down as one of the achievements in my book and absolutely moving ahead all motivated and stronger. I am determined to improve myself in all aspects of my life and I know I can achieve that as long as I have support of my lifelines my God, my family and friends. In order to make acting and dancing career, I am all open if any substantial opportunity knocks on my door but I won’t chase for opportunities. I won’t give what I already have if I think the opportunity doesn’t worth it.

Jagadish – Thank you very much for sharing your life and your views and thoughts. This will definitely be a beneficial to other young people throughout the world. As always my blessings are always there for you and prayers to almighty to protect you and help and guide you throughout the life and beyond.

Irena Leo – Thank you Jagadish uncle.


Lamberghini Dance| The Doorbeen Ft. Ragini| Dance Cover| Irena Leo

Laila Main Laila – Dance

Chogada Tara| Loveyatri| Dance Cover| Irena Leo| Christine Christian

HOLI RE| Bollywood Dance Show | Happy Holi

Please click here to visit her own youtube account.

Please click here to watch her performances during GCSofUSA events.

Asian Subcontinent Catholics of New Jersey – Unity in Diversity 2019 Mass.

Asian Subcontinent Catholics of New Jersey – Unity in Diversity, invites all Catholics from the Asian Subcontinent to honor Our Lady of Good Health (popularly known as Our Lady of Vailankanni).

The Catholic Community of St. David The King
1 New Village Road, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550

Saturday, August 17th 2019

Procession and Call to Prayer 4:00 P.M.
Rosary 4:30 P.M.
Holy Mass 5:00 P.M.
Cultural Reception 6:30 P.M.
Dinner 7:30 P.M.

Main Celebrant and Homilist
The Most Reverend David M. O’Connell, C.M.
Bishop of the Trenton Diocese, New Jersey
Accompanied by Priests from the Asian Subcontinent

Dinner Reservation: $10 (for individuals 5 years of age and above) credit card processing fees additional        Reservation deadline:  July 31, 2019. Please click on the below image to register:

For additional information, please contact:
Norbert Mendes
Knights of Columbus, New Jersey
Phone: 609.331.3636 ; Email:

Gujarati Christian Community Picnic and Cricket Tournament 2019.

Gujarati Christian Community Picnic and Cricket Tournament 2019.


We are pleased and honored to invite you and your team players ( US and Canada Only) to participate in the: Gujarati Christian Community Picnic and Christian Cricket League.
We hope that we enjoy our time together with all the other members of the Gujarati Christian Family of North America.
We are looking forward to receiving your confirmation of participation for this event no later than June 30th 2019.
Click here to to sign up for this event.
Your participation and commitment will make this event a successful one.
“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”
Date :  August 24,2019 –  Saturday
Time : 9:00 am
Place : Roosevelt Park Edison NJ – Grove 2A
Thank you

Please contact for further information.



Mothers day – Baptism to welcome Damien to Church and Farewell Sr. Ruth

Mothers day – Baptism to welcome Damien to Church and Farewell Sr. Ruth.

“Ultimate Sacrifice would produce the Ultimate Reward”
During the Holy Week We just experienced again the ultimate sacrifice and ultimate reward of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Motherhood is an ultimate desire/dream of the most women and that choice also brings the ultimate sacrifice and ultimate reward. But some woman join the religious life and becomes mother of the society they serve.
On this auspicious day when we are celebrating “Mother’s Day” the most new mom from our community Angelina and Robinson are inviting all members of GCSofUSA to attend a baptism ceremony for their precious gift of God Damien.
45 Wilus Way, Iselin, NJ 08830
Time: 11:00-12:00PM regular Sunday Mass
Baptism after Mass:  12PM – 12:30PM
After the baptism ceremony we will go to the Church of the Sacred heart for lunch.
Place: Church of the Sacred Heart
Holy Savior Academy Gym & Cafeteria
149 South Plainfield Ave., South Plainfield, NJ 07080
Time: 12:45- 01:45PM (Lunch sponsored by Angelina & Robinson)
After lunch we will have a farewell program for Sr. Ruth Bolarte as she will be leaving the Diocese of Metuchen by the end of June 2019. She has helped and loved our community as mother loves her children.  
Sr. Ruth Bolarte, IHM:
A native of Peru who came to the U.S. to pursue a vocation to religious life in 1988. She holds a Doctorate of Ministry with a concentration on Adult Spiritual Formation and Pastoral Ministry from the Catholic University of America. She also holds and Masters on Religious Studies from St. Charles Seminary. She studied Greek and Hebrew at the Gregorian University in Rome, Italy. Ruth was the Director of the Catholic Institute for Evangelization for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for more than six years. She is now the Director of the Office of Multi-Cultural Ministry at the Diocese of Metuchen, NJ.
As director of the Office for Multi-Cultural Ministries, Sister Ruth supports the different coordinators of the ethnic apostolates within the diocese — African-American, Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Korean, Portuguese and Vietnamese etc. She worked and helped all different communities in Metuchen Diocese
She has been a big supporter and guide to our Gujarati Catholic Samaj of USA. She helped us to organize Gujarati Mass in different church in different parishes of the Metuchen Diocese. She helped us to find nice suitable halls in different parishes for our Christmas celebrations. Over and above she has always participated in all our events from her busy schedule. She has blessed us with her visit to some of our member’s homes and shared our food on dining table with our guest priests from Gujarat.
There will be a big void after she is gone by the end of June 2019 to serve different Diocese with different responsibilities. We wish her all the best in her future assignment and pray that Almighty God guides her thorough out her life and serve the people of God.