NAVKRANTI ISSUE 22-24 – 2017 – નવક્રાન્તિ અંક ૨૨-૨૪ – ૨૦૧૭

NAVKRANTI ISSUE 22 – 2017 – નવક્રાન્તિ અંક ૨૨ – ૨૦૧૭

NAVKRANTI ISSUE 23 – 2017 – નવક્રાન્તિ અંક ૨૩ – ૨૦૧૭

NAVKRANTI ISSUE 24 – 2017 – નવક્રાન્તિ અંક ૨૪ – ૨૦૧૭

GARAVI NAVKRANTI ISSUE 22-24 – 2017 – ગરવી નવક્રાન્તિ અંક ૨૨-૨૪ – ૨૦૧૭

GARAVI NAVKRANTI ISSUE 22 – 2017 – ગરવી નવક્રાન્તિ અંક ૨૨ – ૨૦૧૭

GARAVI NAVKRANTI ISSUE 23 – 2017 – ગરવી નવક્રાન્તિ અંક ૨૩ – ૨૦૧૭

GARAVI NAVKRANTI ISSUE 24 – 2017 – ગરવી નવક્રાન્તિ અંક ૨૪ – ૨૦૧૭

GCS of USA invites all members and all Gujarati Christians for Summer Picnic-BBQ 2017

Dear Friends,
Gujarati Catholic Samaj of USA invites all members and Gujarati Christians for an annual summer picnic-BBQ. Please come and join us for the summer picnic-BBQ on July 04, 2017. We try not to spend any money from the funds of our Gujarati Catholic Samaj of USA. We are expecting more than 100 people and it would be difficult to prepare by one or two families. In order to make it comfortable and affordable it would be ideal if each family can bring the following items for this event. This is not mandatory.
  1. Family of four or less – at least one small tray of marinated chicken (legs, thighs, breasts etc.) ready for BBQ. Also bring at least one two liter bottle of soda or juice.
  2. Family of four and up – at least one big tray of marinated chicken (legs, thighs, breasts etc.) ready for BBQ. Also bring at least one two liter bottle of soda or juice and one gallon of water.
  3. Charcoal grill, Tent, folding chairs, rugs, cooler, playing material and any other useful item for picnic.
Besides chicken and beverages we need the following items. We would appreciate if anybody wants to sponsor any particular item.
Food items – Hotdogs, hotdog buns, burgers, cheese, BBQ sauce, tomato sauce, tomato, bag of onions, bag of jalapeno and or bell pepper, lemons, Corns, ice bags, can of salt, Watermelon etc.
Other items – Charcoal, igniting fuel, foils, plates, cups, napkins, garbage bags, hand sanitizer.
BBQ grilling items – BBQ utensils, knifes, metal grill skewers
Please confirm your participation with number of people and the items you are willing to bring, by June 30th 2017 so we can arrange all necessary items.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Gujarati Catholic Samaj of USA invites all to say farewell to Fr. Jeba Malai.

Fr. Jeba Malai will be completing his three years term in USA and he will be going back to Gandhinagar Diocese. During these three years he made himself available to provide us spiritual guidance and celebration of holy mass.  We are grateful for his blessings.


Gujarati Catholic Samaj of USA invites all to join us for a farewell party on Sunday, June 11, 2017. Fr. Jeba will celebrate his last Gujarati mass before he goes back to India in the first week of July 2017. We will have a get together after the mass and light refreshment will be served.


Date: Sunday, June 11, 2017
Time: 2:30PM-3:30PM Gujarati Mass
Get together to follow.
Place: Holy Family Church
530 35th Street
Union City, NJ 07087


મારું જીવન…મારાં સ્વજન…મારો સમાજ…મારું જગત…૨૦૦૪ થી આ જાળું ગૂંથી રહ્યો છું…