Congratulations to Mr. Manish Parmar, Principal of CCMS, Anand on his selection of “The Senate Member” of SPU

Sardar Patel University, Gujarat declared Mr. Manish Parmar’s candidature duly elected as The Senate Member wide its notification No.K.2/2/FT-CT/7575 under the category of “College Teachers” under statue – 134(b) of the SPU. Mr. Manish Parmar was nominated by the management of colleges (GCSS).

Congratulaltion to Mr. Manish Parmar, Principal of Christian College of Management Studies, Anand on his election of “The Senate member” of the ordinary fellows of The Senate from the constituency of “College Teachers” under senction 15 II (A) (ii).

9 thoughts on “Congratulations to Mr. Manish Parmar, Principal of CCMS, Anand on his selection of “The Senate Member” of SPU”

  1. Dear Sir,

    Very good work. Congrats. Keep it up for the sake of our society. Your site will inspire thousands of youths of our society to go ahead and work for community.

    1. thats very great and jagdishbhai you too deserve the congrats as you encourage our people from thousands miles away

  2. Dear Manish

    Very good. You Deserved it finally you made a way. You set an example for new generation that if we think we can . Once again a good wishes and support from my end.may god bless you and family.
    Francis Sir.,,,

  3. Congratulatins to Dear Manish….keep it up…Go-ahead…very good… are great….be light for the new Generation … God bless you and your fly members n friends….take care….vicky macwan.u.s.a.

  4. Dear All,

    Greetings from CCMS, Anand, Gujarat – INDIA.

    First, I thank you all for best wishes.

    I am offering my services in academics since June 2003 and after completion of my Masters in Philosophy (M.Phil) in HRM with distinction i joined Christian College of Management Studies with only one objective to do something for the only christian institution of SPU which is managed by Gujarat Christian Service Society, A’bad and off course for students of christian community by offering them quality education, good training and to make them more competitive.

    The college also offers good scholarships, fee in installments, relief in fees for needy and poor etc. but i have to say that the christian community students are not taking benefits offered by this institution.

    The reason for this note is for the kind information to the community and to recommend this institution for the BBA and BCA courses, this college is also planning for B.Com with CS from June 2013 and masters programme after two to three years. I am always ready to develop our youth as well community by good education.

    The college is also going to change its name as “St Stephen Institute of Business Management and Technology” from June 2012.

    Please visit the college website:

    your advices, suggestions for improvements and recommendations for admissions are always welcome.

    Thanks again

    Manish Parmar

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