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ડિસેમ્બર ૨૮ ૨૦૧૧: શ્રી. સ્ટેફાન મેકવાનની ફ્યુનરલ વિધિ ડિસેમ્બરની ૨૯ તારીખે ભારતીય સમય પ્રમાણે બપોરે ૩:00 વાગે (ન્યુ યોર્કના સમય પ્રમાણે વહેલી સવારે ૪:૩૦) સેંટ. જોસેફ દેવાલય, મણીનગર, અમદાવાદ ખાતે રાખવામાં આવી છે.
જેઓ કોઈ કારણસર હાજર ના રહી શકે તો આ ફ્યુનલ માસનું જીવંત પ્રસારણ કરવામાં આવશે.

અવસાન નોંધ – સ્વર્ગસ્થ શ્રી. સ્તેફનભાઈ એસ. મેકવાન

  We just celebrated the birth of our savior Lord Jesus Christ on December 25th, yesterday December 26 was St. Stephen, Martyr (Feast) and today I have sad news of death to report. My brother-in-law Mr. Stephen Macwan passed away today at around 5:00PM Indian time, in Ahmedabad. He is survived by his wife Catherine (Niru, my sister) two sons Rajani, Amit, daughter Malti, seven grand children and a huge family in India and USA. May God rest him in peace. He will be greatly missed. His youngest son Amit, his wife Purvi with son Braxton and Alayana are leaving for India today.


The funeral will be held on December 29, 2011 at 10:00am Indian time at St. Joseph Church, Maninagar, Ahmedabad.










This picture was taken on Christimas eve 2011

અવસાન નોંધ – એલન પરમાર

A yong boy Alen Parmar, of late Anilbhai (who passed away few years back) and Mr. Jyotiben (who is currently in Israel met with an accident and paased away. He is surrived by his mom and two brothers. They are from Lotiya Bhagol, Anand.  

 May God rest him peace.
May God give give courage to his mom who is away from home and alone. May God support her and help her to overcome this loss.
News Provided by Kanubhai Parmar, Anand.

અવસાન નોંધ – ફાધર જોસેફ લોપેત

Fr. Joseph L. Lopetegui passed away today in Anklav. His funeral will be held at 4:00Pm (Indian Time) in Anklav.

Fr. Lp[etegui was born and brought up in Spain. On 4th February 1949 he came to India. After his studies in Pune, he joined t. Xavier’s High School, Gamdi as an English teacher. After two yers he was transferred to Khambat (my birth place) He also served at Mariampura and then he moved to Anklav. He has been very active social worker besides his missionary duties. Even after his retirement, Anklav Parish has enjoyed his blessings, love and services till today. (Source: Kaira Social Service Society)

 May God rest him in peace.

 (News provided by uncle Garbiel Christian, Ahmedabad)