A letter from Honorable Bishop Thomas Macwan of Ahmedabad Diocese.

I am so pleased to receive the below posted letter from Honorable Bishop Thomas Macwan, diocese of Ahedabad. I am overwhelmed by the blessings he has showered on me and his appreciation he has showed of my work.


 Please click here to revisit my post about his 25 years in priesthood and 10 years as Bishop of Diocese of Ahmedabd.  

5 thoughts on “A letter from Honorable Bishop Thomas Macwan of Ahmedabad Diocese.”

  1. Dear Jagadish, i appreciate all your kind services to all our Family members…..God bless you.Vicky Macwan.

  2. Congtrs Jagadish for your noble work for Samaj in India and USA. May Almighty God bless u.

    Cyril Macwan,CTM

  3. Hearty Congrats to Mr. Jagadish This is one of the best qualities of our loving Bishop Rt. Rev. Thomas.

  4. Jagdishbhai, Congrates for your endeavours for the well being of the entire society….Bakul & Smita Vadodara.

  5. Many hartiest congratulation from our family and me on the occasion. We pray Almighty to shower upon you and strengthern
    your health, your holiness and most importantly to standwith and sustain the present mission entrusted to you by our Lord Jesus.

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